Ride Around in Class and Style – Renting a Limo

Ride Around in Class and Style – Renting a Limo

By John Robert Kavanagh  |   Submitted On October 10, 2009


Limousines are luxury vehicles. They exude opulence and a certain social status. It used to be that only those with lots of money or those in positions of power were the ones who rode these vehicles. Today though, more people have access to these vehicles, through rentals and the like. Renting a limo does not cost too much, and is totally worth it for the fun of riding around in a classy car driven for you by a chauffeur. Limousines have always been symbols of opulence and influence, so people use them to be seen and noticed. These vehicles are also very sleek looking, so they really make statements.

Speaking of the way things were, limousines were rather more limited in the older days. A few decades ago, most limousines were stretched vehicles in black or white, with stylish interiors. Today, renting a limo does not mean you can only get the classic vehicle. Nowadays, even a well-appointed chauffeured luxury sedan can be considered a limousine. These smaller limousines are great for those who want to travel a bit more discreetly without sacrificing class and style. You could also get an SUV limousine, and these are about grabbing attention. SUV limousines are sport utility vehicles converted into limousines, so they are tall and long; these scream “Look at me!” with relative ease. Some limousine companies also offer different colors of vehicles, for those who want something even more different. Of course, the classic black stretch limo is still the favorite.

Renting a Limo also does not mean just sitting in the back and watching the world go by through the windows. Recent limousines are now furnished with various entertainment systems, like video systems, audio set-ups, mini-bars, and enough stuff to get the party started even before you reach the club. In one of these hip rides, you can watch movies, jam to some tunes, or get buzzed. This comes from the fact that there is a significant portion of limousine customers who are younger adults on a wild night out. Since traffic jams can get pretty long, these customers would rather have something enjoyable to do on the way to their destinations. It is also quite practical to rent a chauffeured vehicle for these people, since driving themselves is not an option after a night of revelry and most likely a goodly amount of intoxicating substances.

Limousines also mean security for some. A fair portion of limousines have bullet-proofing and other security measures installed. As was mentioned, many of those in power employ limousines, and those in power will often have enemies.

Of course, those who use limousine services will want to keep their activities away from the ears and eyes of the driver. Thus privacy barriers are installed to insulate the driver’s cab from the back area, and communication is done either via intercom or a sliding window. Renting a limo does not mean you will lose your privacy to a nosy chauffeur, but you still should not do anything excessive in the back.

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