How magnetic therapy works


Magnetic meaning of or pertaining to magnetism, magnets or the magnetic poles of the earth. Therapy meaning treatment of illness or disability, healing power or quality.

How magnetic therapy works

The same magnetic field that moves metal objects has a proven effect on the body. Magnetic energy is the catalyst that permits the body to heal itself and ease pain. High power Neodymium magnets generate a strong magnetic field that can deeply penetrate the body and help to stimulate blood circulation. This in turn permits more oxygen to be distributed through the body thereby accelerating the body’s own natural healing processes.

Scientific Research

Today, medical research has identified a number of possible benefits associated with biomagnetic therapy. Through research and testing, it has been shown that magnetic therapy may:

  • increase blood flow.
  • stimulate circulation by attracting the iron in blood.
  • stop pain by blocking nerve signals sent to the brain.
  • assist in healing damaged tissue and broken bones.
  • soothe arthritis by removing calcium from arthritic joints.

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Magnetic therapy is a safe method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. It provides relief of pain and discomfort due to joint and muscle pain, inflammation, and stiffness. It also helps speed the healing process and improves the quality of sleep. neodymium ring magnets Physical and mental functions are all controlled by electromagnetic fields produced by the movement of ions inside the body. When someone is injured and body cells are damaged, positive charged ions move to the distressed area, causing pain and swelling. The damaged area must be restored to its natural negative electromagnetic charge in order to heal itself. The pain causing positive charged ions must be removed so oxygen and nutrients may reach the effected area. The application of a magnet to a damaged area helps restore the normal electromagnetic balance as it relaxes capillary walls, surrounding muscle and connective tissues. This allows increased blood flow. Oxygen and nutrients move to the injury site as painful positive charged ions are removed. This is possible because the use of a magnetic field will restore the normal electromagnetic balance of the area. The type, extent of the problem, and length of time the magnets are applied, will be factors in the effectiveness of Magnetic Therapy uses magnetic ring magnets . All results will vary for that reason. They range from a few minutes to a few weeks. No complications have been reported from the proper use of Magnetic Therapy. Magnetic Therapy should not be used if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump or any other implanted electro-medical device. Magnetic Therapy should not be used if you are pregnant .

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Magnetic Bracelets are used to relieve muscle and joint pain in the hands, wrists, elbows, arms and shoulders. They may also assist in stress relief, hypertension and better sleep.

Magnetic bracelets are used to relieve muscle and joint pain, and stiffness in the shoulders and upper back. They may also be used for prevention of sinus problems and headaches/migranes.

Magnetic Rings are used to ease stiffness and pain in the fingers and hands.

Magnetic Earrings are used  to ease ear, jaw and neck pain and can be useful for headaches too! 

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