Magnetic Floor Sweepers

Magnetic Floor Sweepers 

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Magnetic Sweepers 

Magnetic Floor Sweepers – Providing information on magnets in a commercial industrial setting. Meets military specifications. 

A nail sweep is an economically priced hand-held magnetic floor sweeper. It is lightweight and very simple to handle. The nail sweep easily snaps up nails or other metallic debris from almost any type of worksite including grass, gravel and concrete. The aluminum shell houses powerful magnetic blocks that attract nails and steel debris from 2 inches below the base. It is light-weight and easy to carry. It transports and stores easily. The average housing is a 1-1/4″ aluminum unit. It picks up dozens of nails each time you pass over. 


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Magnetic Floor Magnets Home 

Magnetic Floor Sweepers 

Magnetic Sweepers – Find floor magnets and equipment for use in business. 

Magnetic street sweepers use magnets to pick up debris off streets and highways. They are used in storage areas where there is a high volume of traffic. They are used in warehouses and can be used on the ground that can’t be cleaned with broom equipment. They are used to keep work areas free of debris that could cause costly tire repairs and time down. Certain models have springs and bumpers to protect the magnet during use. The magnet sweeper is hydraulically controlled and adjusts the height of the magnet according to the surface it is on.
You will have the choice of a magnetic sweeper that is housed in aluminum or in a steel housing. The steel housing will obviously withstand more abuse than the aluminum. Steel is also used as an inner frame that has permanently secured end caps. The average speed for vehicles using these magnets will be anywhere from 3 to 7 miles per hour.  


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