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    Super Magz 130 Magnetic Construction Kit M1704

    M1704 -Super Magz 130 consists of magnetized super strong 1 3/4 bars and 5/8 steel balls coming together to create a fun and educational package. -For ages 5 and up. -You can build all kinds of geometric objects and also high rises, towers, bridges, arches, and more. -The possibilities are infinite. -Strong magnets, safe, and colorful pieces. -Great for kids, educational value. -Award Winning!: iParenting Media Awards, Oppenheim Gold Seal

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    Magz-X 106 Magnetic Construction Toys MX106

    MX106 -Magz X 106 consists of magnetized bars, Xs and steel balls which make magnetic construction fun and endless. -For ages 5 and up. -The X shaped piece helps build sturdy cubic structures, which aid in building towering structures. -Magnetic Construction System, X piece allows sturdy cubes. -Strong magnets, safe, and colorful pieces. -Collectible, add more pieces and build larger structures. -Award Winning!: iParenting Media Awards, Oppenheim Gold Seal

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    Magna-Tiles Translucent Colors 100 pieces

    3 years & up. These magnetic tiles teach spatial relationships, math, logic, and problem-solving through creative building! The tiles attract on all sides and in all combinations, helping children move from two-dimensional to three-dimensional creations. Unbreakable set includes square and triangular tiles in a variety of sizes. Clear colored pieces, of the same shapes and pc. count as standard set. These are great for light tables, and also are fully compatible with our 32pc. standard set. They will work well alone or together with the standard solid colored pieces to make windows, skylights, etc.

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    Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Pattern Blocks Set

    An appealing combination of magnets and wood, this pattern block set will keep kids engaged and entertained. Includes 120 colorful geometric magnets to replicate the 12 included geometric pictures. Measurements 14.5″ x 12″ x 1.5″.

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    Magformers 30 Pc Magnetic Building Set (colors may vary)

    As children build 3-dimensional models with these 30-pc. magnetic components, they discover action/reaction pull while discovering beginning geometry skills. 30-pc. Set Ages 4 years +.

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    Mega Magz Magnetic Construction Kit M1697

    M1697 -Mega Magz 130 contains the classic magetic bars and steel balls, which make magnetic construction a fun and educational concept. -For ages 5 and up. -Simply put the bars and balls together and let your imagination flow. -Mega Magz can build incredible structures such as bridges, towers, tunnels, high rises and more. -Colorful pieces. -Strong magnets, safe, and colorful pieces. -Many pieces.

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    Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32 piece set

    What shapes and constructions can you build? With the Magna Tiles 32 Piece Clear Colors Set from Valtech, the possibilities are endless! In cool, transparent colors, the Magna Tiles 32 Piece Set includes magnetized pieces of different shapes that attach along their sides to build basic 3D shapes, like cubes and pyramids, or whatever creative designs kids develop. The Magna Tiles 32 Piece Clear Colors Set helps kids become familiar with geometric shapes, understand basic math and science skills, and experience free-form, creative building. And, this Magna Tiles 32 Piece Set also helps build logical thinking, math reasoning, spatial and manipulative problem-solving skills. The Magna-Tiles 32 Piece Clear Colors Set comes with 14 small squares, 2 large squares, 4 isosceles triangles, 4 right triangles, and 8 equilateral triangles – all of which will help kids build some amazing Magna Tile creations, with or without included idea guide!

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    Magnetix 85 Pieces Primary Color Set

    Create over 250 designs with this 85 piece multi colored set of balls and bars. Magnetic 85 count Primary is compatible with all Magnetic Building Sets. Easy to carry, excellent for mind sharpening and ultra cool! Magnetic also has intellectually stimulating qualities, creates mathematical shapes, physics, & chemistry model. Its cool to be smart & smart to have fun. Go play!

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    Magneatos Jumbo Builder (89 pieces)

    3 years & up. Big and little builders can take their award-winning Magneatos Jumbo creations to the next level with this 89 piece Master Builder set. The panels, clips and bendies work with classic Magneatos Jumbo balls and rods to add a whole new dimension to building.

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    Magformers Xl Cruisers Magnetic Building Set (Colors May Vary)

    there are 112 powerful magnets.

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